Grey Windowpane

  • This grey windowpane suit is a fresh take on a classic look. If you think grey seems bland, choose from our 50+ thread colors for accent stitching that is sure to liven it up.

  • Composition: 100% Wool

    Weight: 250 grams

    Thread Count: Superfine 130's

  • Front Button The most popular style right now is the 2-button jacket. Taller guys can get away with the 3-button and shorter guys with the 1-button. To really stand out, try going to a double breasted 6-button suit, these are making a massive resurgance this year.





  • Lapel Style The most popular lapel style is a notch lapel. If you are looking to stand out try the peak. For those that can't decide, choose a semi-notch, it's a blend of both the notch and peak lapel styles. If you are looking for something formal, try a shawl lapel to class up any color and pattern.





  • Front Pocket straight is the most popular option. We recommend trying a ticket pocket as we feel it gives the jacket a little more pop. If you still don't see what you want, then we also offer more pocket options in our advanced options panel.


    Straight with Ticket


    Slanted with Ticket

  • Back Vent We recommend going with the side vents, it just allows the jacket to flow a little more naturally.

    Side Vents

    Central Vent

  • Jacket Linings A key feature of a custom suit is getting to add a flashy lining to the inside of the jacket. We recommend you be bold and try something a little out there. For those that are more conservative and choose not to add a lining, the default will match your selected fabric color.

    Match Fabric

    Black Berry

    Black Checkerboard

    Black Paisley

    Black White Glenplaid

    Black White Polka Dots

    Brown Cream Check

    Chocolate Polka Dot

    Cream Floral

    Light Blue Check

    Light Blue Solid

    Magneta Check

    Marine Blue Twill

    Maroon Cream Check

    Maroon Floral

    Maroon Twill

    Merlot Solid

    Navy & Blue Check

    Navy Berry

    Navy Herringbone

    Navy Paisley

    Pink Check

    Pink Paisley

    Pink Solid

    Pink Stripe

    Plum Twill

    Red Black Check

    Red Herringbone

    Red Houndstooth

    Red Paisley

    Red Solid

    Red Stripe

    Silver Checkerboard

    Silver Houndstooth

    Steel Blue Twill

    Tobacco Paisley

    Violet Solid

  • Monogram It's your suit, so put your name on it! The monogram appears inside the left breast of the jacket. We offer two lines of text for those that want to add something more than their name.


    i.e. Name or Initials

    i.e. Wedding Date













  • Pleats Most dress pants have moved away from the pleated front to a no pleats or flat front. We'd recommend getting a flat front, but it's your suit, so do what you want.

    Flat Front


  • Back Pocket Typically only one back pocket is set on the same side as your dominant hand. If you want something other our standard pocket as shown, our advanced options panel let's you pick a different back pockets.

    Right Pocket

    Left Pocket


    No Pockets

  • Cuffs We'd suggest going no cuff. Not only does it make the length of the pant easier to alter if need be, but it is also just way more in style. The only time we would suggest to add a cuff is if you also added a pleat to the pant. Or you are looking to go with something a little more old fashioned.

    No Cuffs


  • Finish Our most popular pant finish is still the straight finish, but the tapered finish is really starting to make waves. The tapered finish is 1.25 inches narrower at the ankle then our staright finish.

    Straight Leg



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