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Shipping & Delivery
Alterations & Refunds
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Shipping & Delivery

How much do you charge for shipping?

We don't. We offer free shipping on all Shaw & Co. orders.

How long does it take to receive my apparel?

We are proud to say we are the fastest custom suit and shirt retailer in the world. We process and deliver all of our orders within 3-4 weeks of ordering. We also will be sure to contact you once the apparel is shipped from our quality control center in Edmonton, Alberta.

Do you have an expedite shipping service?

We can offer this service, we are able to cut delivery time to 2-3 weeks for urgent matters however, we have the right to charge for the service. Please contact us directly to discuss this further.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Unfortunately not. Our services are focused on supplying only Canadians with the finest custom made apparel.

Will I have to pay additional duties and taxes on my Shaw & Co. order?

No. When we say FREE shipping, we mean you don't pay anything but the bill for your custom apparel. No other suit retailer covers this expense because they have them shipped directly from their offshore factory. Not us, we ship from Canada and so there are no duties.

Alterations & Refunds

What if my suit does not fit?

If you used our personal tailoring service, then we GUARANTEE a perfect fit.   Simply work with your Shaw & Co. fashion specialist to discuss any changes you require, and we will take care of the rest. When shopping online, we offer only standard sizes through our online store, so there is no guarantee that those sizes will fit perfectly. However, simple alterations at your local tailor shop can fix that. (Maximum of up to $50 alteration credit).

Where should I get my clothing altered?

You can either visit our tailoring locations directly, or any local tailor shop to get your clothing altered. If you choose the latter, simply send the bill to your personal fashion specialist and we will issue a refund (maximum of up to $50 alteration credit) within 2 weeks and update your measurements on file.

How long does it take to get a remake?

If your fashion specialist deems the suit unalterable, then we will remeasure and request a remake. Remakes will be expedited in 2-3 weeks.

My recent order does not fit as expected, what should I do?

Call or email your personal fashion specialist. We won't make you jump through hoops. They will provide their professional opinion on the fit and then recommend what the next steps are (either alterations or remake).

Online Service & Sizes

How do I know what size I am?

The easiest way is too look in your closet and read the size of your existing suits. From there, you can determine if you need something smaller or bigger. If this is your first suit, follow our standard sizes chart to help you determine best size. Start by measuring your chest, that will determine your jacket size, and then waist, as that will determine your pant size. The best part about our service is we offer separate sizes, so you aren't stuck with a slim jacket and loose pants. Mix and match for the perfect fit.

If I pick a standard size, can I still customize?

Absolutely, that's the whole point! Although we offer only standard sizes online, you can still create something unique as you are. Style is an art, so get creative and design something the ladies can't help but stare at.

Why do you offer separate jacket and pant sizes?

The problem with off-the-rack suits is that your pant size is determined based on your jacket size. Let's say you are a 40R suit size, that means a jacket of 40R and pants of 34x34 (depending on the brand) even if you are actually a 32 waist. You have no choice and this is something that has plagued men for years. However, with separates, you can mix and match to get the best fitting jacket AND pants all in the same fabric, hassle free.

Personal Fittings

What Canadian cities do you service?

We currently have fashion specialists in Edmonton but we are a mobile team where we can travel to meet you.  Currently we are servicing areas outside of Edmonton such as Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Fort McMurray.

I've booked an appointment, now what?

Our fashion specialist will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the location and time. They will then take roughly 30 different measurements and walk you through various fabric swatches and styles. Once you've determined your wardrobe, you will be billed through Shaw & Co. and the order will be placed. The garments will arrive in 3-4 weeks and if there are any issues, or you require a professional opinion, simply call your personal fashion specialist.

What are the fitting fees?

Our fashion specialists charge $35-$70 per fitting. Trust us, it is well worth the cost. Our consultants provide ideas and advice on what works best for you. This is not something you want to do alone.

Can you fit big and tall?

Of course! That's why we offer personal fitting services, so we can fit men of all different sizes and shapes. Standard sizes are for the majority, but not everyone.

Do you keep my measurements?

Once you have your first fitting, we keep your measurements on file forever. If you need changes to those measurements, simply book another fitting.

Can I make future orders online?

That's the idea - get measured by a pro, then shop at your convenience online for everything thereafter. Simply set the sizing option to "Use measurements my on file"

Payment Processing

When do I pay for my order?

Before any order is placed, we require payment in full. We do this because every product is unique to you, so we are unable to cancel orders once they start.

How do I pay for my order?

Payments online can be made by any type of credit card or using PayPal. If you use our personal fitting service, we will accept payment during your fitting appointment - sales taxes may apply in certain provinces of Canada.

How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?

Our website features a SSL secure connection during the transaction, keeping your information secure and private.

Apparel & Customizations

I don't see an option I want on my suit; do you accept special style requests?

Despite offering literally thousands of combinations, we don't have them all listed. However, our tailors can do just about anything. So simply send us an email or call and we will be sure to edit your order for any special requests. Note - additional charges may apply depending on request.

Can you make my suit a 3-piece suit?

Yes, we can make any suit a three-piece. Simply add a vest in our "Advance Options" section during the customization process. We make it simple for you to choose the right vest, just follow our suggestions in the "Help" pop ups.

Do you offer fully canvassed suits?

You bet we do. Simply select full canvass in our advanced options tab.

I changed my mind on a style option, is it too late to change?

It might be! So call us or email us right now and we will find out. Typically if you let us know within 3 days of payment we may be able to catch it in time.

I'm not sure what style or style options are best for me?

We offer style advice along the way as you design your perfect suit. Simply hover over the "Help" icon and read our advice. If you need a little more hand holding, simply set up a personal fitting or call/email us directly with your questions.

What jacket cut do you offer?

That's a loaded question and depends a lot on your body type. Our standard sizes are offered in regular and slim. Regular has a very subtle jacket cut, with slim slightly more pronounced. Check out our sizing chart for exact details. If you were measured in person by a fashion specialist, they will discuss with you your preference and decide what looks best for your body type.

How padded are the shoulders?

The 80's are behind us, so let's not bring them back. All our suits come standard with minimal shoulder padding to provide for a natural look. If you want something different, let us know.

I have a wedding coming up and I have lots of questions….

We can't offer marriage advice, but we can offer style advice for the big day. If you and the groomsmen want to look your best, you need to go custom. Book an appointment online, or call us directly to arrange a fitting.