Custom Suit Fitting Edmonton

Custom Suit Fitting

Here is the deal...

You are not a tailor, so you shouldn't pretend to be one. Although we appreciate what our competitors are trying to do by allowing customers to measure themselves and order online, the fact is, this is not a do-it-yourself kind of service.

Our Personal Fitting services are provided by experienced fashion specialists, with knowledge on how a suit should properly fit you. When you use this service, we create an image of your body and stance based on 75 different measurement points. On the basis of this image, we then cut a unique suit tailored to fit only you.

Once you have been measured by a Shaw & Co. fashion specialist, we keep your measurements in our database forever. Any future orders can then be made online by selecting your measurements on file or personally through your Shaw & Co. style advisor.

Our team includes suit enthusiasts, passionate about the garments they sell. Our representatives have a strong background in the clothing industry and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to which styles and fabrics are the best fit for you.

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Please note: there is a $35 service charge per person on all Personal Fitting appointments.

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