Features of our Suits Include:

Lapels Shaped by Hand

  • Lapels are shaped by hand to ensure they provide the proper roll and placement on the chest. A flat lapel is a sign of a poorly made suit.

High Arm Holes

  • A higher arm hole position provides the look of a longer and more slim torso, and is a major trend in current jacket styles.

Sweat Shields

  • Sweat damages wool, that’s why we add a sweat shield under the arm of every suit to protect your suit against perspiration and odor.

Natural Jacket Cut

  • Our standard cut provides a natural looking silhouette, however, based on customer request we can provide a more or less aggressive cut.

Reinforced Stitching on Pockets

  • Pockets are meant to be used, so we provide reinforced stitching on all pockets to reduce the possibility of wear.

Hand Finished Button Holes

  • We provide the option of working button holes that are finished by hand on the jacket cuffs and boutonniere.

Hand Felled Collars

  • Both the top and bottom of the collars are hand felled to ensure perfect fitting around the neck and feature a high quality felt underlay.

Pattern Matching

  • We ensure a perfect pattern matching along the sleeves, pocket, and body of your suit.

Half or Full Canvas

  • Horse-hair canvas that is hand-basted to ensure your suit forms to your body, drapes naturally, is lighter, and lasts longer.

Sleeves Set In by Hand

  • Meticulous detail spent setting sleeves to ensure no twisting of the sleeves and that they hang natural from shoulder line.

Bemberg Linings

  • Each of our jackets comes with the finest Japanese bemberg lining selected for its amazingly soft feel, brilliant color, breathability and durability.

Rubberized Waistband

  • The inside waistband of all of our pants has a rubberized lining to ensure your shirt remains tucked and in place.

Lined Trousers

  • Our trousers come standard with half lining for both comfort and to ensure longevity of your pants by protecting the fabric from your natural body oils.