To Be or Knot to Be: 5 Of The Most Eye-Catching Ways To Tie Your Tie

We all know that ties come in a wide array of colors and styles, but did you ever consider using your knot as the attention grabber? At Shaw & Co. we are all about looking our best so we decided to share our five favorite (and unusual) tie knots with you.


1. The Ediety (or Merovingian) - originally called the Ediety, this knot gained momentum in 2003 thanks to Lambert Wilson's character The Merovingian in the second Matrix film. The Ediety Knot is basically an inside-out, backwards Windsor knot - an ingenius twist on a timeless classic.




2. The Trinity - The Trinity knot is one of our favorites because of how eye-catching it is. It gets its name from the triple tucks resembling the Celtic-looking Triquetra knot. It is tricky, but it is one of the boldest knots you can learn.





3. The EldgredgeNamed after a 27-year-old drag racer, Jeffrey Eldredge, this knot is going to be one of your favorites once you learn it. It works best with a solid color tie, which helps to emphasize the pattern of the knot.





4. The Cape (or Han) - this is a beautiful knot that gets just about the most compliments of any knot you can tie. It never fails to impress as it is bold, symmetrical, and pretty easy to tie with a little practice.





5. The Cross Knotsometimes called "The Christensen",  is very subtle, but still  unique. It bears a strong resemblance to other traditional knots - but the additional band across the front adds depth and detail.




Andy Huynh
Andy Huynh