Who Needs Structure?

What you lose in structure you gain in comfort. With spring just around the corner, we are excited to introduce our newest line for 2014 - the unstructured sport coat. 

What is it? An unstructured sport coat, also known as a “unconstructed" or “deconstructed" jacket is just that. A jacket with less structure. Unlike our popular suit jackets, an unstructured sport coat will have a no shoulder pads, no internal canvas, and very little lining (if any) along the shoulders and the sleeves.

The lack of lining in these jackets mean that seams will show. Look upon it as a good thing since extra effort and care is required when finishing the inside of the jacket. An unstructured jacket cannot undergo the same tailoring as a traditional jacket - which is fine with Shaw & Co. Give us a call, make an appointment and get sized by one of our professionals. This will ensure your new soft coat will be the perfect size -  no "Tebowing" with your tailor to work miracles.

Who is it for? This type of jacket is for any guy who wants to add a bit of casual into his wardrobe. It is for someone wanting to add a sport coat to their repertoire, but unsure how to start. Its a taste of hot sauce, not the whole enchilada. Deconstructed jackets are also very versatile - looking just as good around the house with a pair of shorts as at the office with a dress shirt and tie. This piece will take your from the office to drinks and dinner, without leaving you sweating in the summer as your "all season" suit jacket does. 

Keep a close eye on our website this Spring for our new unstructured jacket line or send us an email to sales@shawtailors.com for more immediate information.


Andy Huynh
Andy Huynh