5 Reasons You Should Buy (Not Rent) A Suit For Your Wedding

You found the perfect woman. You got her the perfect ring. She's planning your perfect day. Now you need to find the perfect suit. At Shaw & Co. we have five reasons why every grown man should buy his wedding suit and leave the rentals to the little boys.

1. You will always look better in a suit that is custom-fit. It is very unfortunate, but the truth is that most grooms purchase their wedding suits off-the-rack in clothing stores. For a few of these men, their wedding suit is the first suit they have ever needed. These grooms have no idea how to discern proper fit, or that tailoring is more than hemming pants. In fact, approximately 85% of all off-the-rack suits need to be tailored; whether it is the rise in the pants, the length of the sleeves or the padding in the shoulders. At Shaw & Co. we take the guess work out of tailoring your suit. We will measure you and design a pant and jacket combination that is perfect for your body type. Side note: there is no such thing as renting a slim fit tuxedo.

2. You can wear your suit again. Charcoal and navy suits are a huge trend this year, causing more and more grooms to move away from black and white tuxedos. After your big day you can wear your custom-fit suit to meetings, funerals, Christmas parties, weddings and other future formal events. You can also keep it casual by wearing the pieces separate; i.e. suit jacket with jeans or suit pants with a v-neck t-shirt. 

3. More variety in choice and styles. With a custom-fit suit from Shaw & Co. the possibilities are endless (well almost). We have Light Grey Herringbone or Khaki for a casual ceremony or beach wedding. We also carry Dark Grey Glen Plaid, Navy Narrow Stripe and Black Windowpane (just to name a few) for a more formal ceremony. Each suit then has over 10 different customization options from lapel style to front pockets and monogramming. With sizes ranging from 34S to 54L, there is not any reason we will be unable to design your perfect wedding suit. 

4. Save money. If you break down the cost of your suit into a per wear basis (like your bride does with her growing shoe collection) you will find that buying a  suit for your wedding is very practical. A $429 custom-fit suit from Shaw & Co. worn 4 times a year (just a guess) would work out to just over $100 per wear. A rented suit on the other hand costs and average of $250 per rental. You do the math. 

5. The boys. No we don't mean the groomsmen, although they should buy suits too. We mean the "boys". We have been to too many weddings where the groomsmen announce they are going commando in a rented tux. You don't want that. No one wants that.



Andy Huynh
Andy Huynh